Jason Ribeiro is a dedicated professional who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of education, innovation, and policy studies. He advises education and governance leaders on how to improve the impacts of policies, programs, and technology implementations in more adaptive organizations. This complex task requires the expertise of someone who understands the unique demands of cross-sector work (private, public, non-profit) in a rapidly changing knowledge economy. As a former K-12 teacher, awarded researcher, policy advisor, active volunteer, and private consultant, Jason is well positioned to provide research-validated insights to guide decision making across institutions. Jason has an extensive track record helping public, private, and non-profit agencies map their organizations, remove structural barriers, and position themselves for truly innovative work.

Jason has committed both his scholarly research and professional work to help guide community stakeholders through the digital age. With a robust, global network of academics, research firms and educational practitioners you can be assured that his insights are informed by the most current thinking

Jason invites you to contact him for more information or with questions about your organization’s specific needs. He is happy to speak with you without obligation.